Body Respray — Update ……….

Tuesday  9 Oct   Farm

Martin from Adams Moray was spot on time for the return delivery of Zygie.  However, yes there had to be one – no fuel top up for the inconvenience!!  Phone call to Mick Mitas at AM seems to have it sorted but as I type this the money still has not been transferred, can you trust anyone?

Below are the photos showing a ‘before’ and ‘after’ look plus the new blog vinyl applied by Signs in Motion.

before respray showing markings

marks all gone plus new web blog address

A Very Wet Week-End

A Very Wet Week-end  12 Oct – 14 Oct

Friday 12 Oct – Sun 14 Oct – Postern Hill Campsite,

Savernake Forest 51.0716599,-1.8054178

As usual a later start and we did not get to this campsite until dusk.  It was only 18.30 but the entrance cabin was closed but the wardens had kindly left us a letter and a site map.

So with the light fading I did not drive around the site to get the feel but pulled onto the grassed area that had hook ups.  However on reversing back into what looked like an easy flat spot almost immediately started to spin.  I did not do much more as I did not want to get bogged into a hole or churn up the ground.  Under a dull sky but warm night I hooked up and took The Boys for a walk into the glade behind us. That night it did rain slightly but the next day we were greeted with the sun shine, which stayed out all day.


We spent a chilled day just pottering and in the afternoon went for a lovely walk with the Boys in the forest.  It is such a lovely spot and the trees were shedding their leaves making lovely patterns on the ground.  Unfortunately the walk coincided with cob nuts and conker trees all over the place, ok for us but the Boys did not enjoy walking over the prickly husks!  On the walk, along the boundary fence, we came across “The Cathdedral Oak” tree a huge oak tree which was very impressive and is classed as an historical landmark.

Later in the afternoon, once back at the van, we watched a couple arrive with a tear drop caravan arrive opposite us.  All I can say it was entertaining!  Then another small MoHo drove onto the site and stopped close to them.  Together they were going to make our route off the site tomorrow rather interesting to say the least.

That night it rained really hard a and being slightly under the trees we had even bigger drops of rain water fall us – never do that again!

A slightly restless night wondering what the ground conditions would be like, even K said she had been dreaming of getting off the grass.

At the MoHo show in Romsey a few weeks ago I had purchased some plastic mats to go under the Fiamma ramps as they do not have solid bases.  I remembered during the night that they can also be used to help in soggy or soft ground to aid driving.


I lowered the door blind and sure enough the ground was puddled in rain water and a gentle stream was making its way down the site from the road way.

So after an early cuppa and with my large English Heritage coat on, c/o H. I was out of the van and got to it.  Ok so the rain did drip down my neck but I had the mats under and was back inside as quick a I could.  Well I need not have worried as they worked a treat.  Must admit there was some slipping after I got going but I got the momentum on thanks to the mats in the first place.

I pulled onto the site road and stopped in a lay-by and went back to help Dave ( short term memory loss so hope that was the name!) in his van do the same.  They had to chose a different route off but still made it!  I hope they had better weather on their touring break down in North Devon.

We only stopped to have a bite to eat and then we were off to drive back home in the pouring rain.  Fortunately we can off load under cover at the farm so nothing was spoilt – but still took The Boys for a run around as they do not mind the weather, just me.


Body Respray …

Body Respray Tuesday 2 Oct – 9 Oct

One day it will all be over.

Today Zygie left the farm with Martin, from Adams Moray Portsmouth, driving.  Off she goes once more to have rework done.  This time it is the rear panel being resprayed and the decals reapplied.

Now this has been booked for months and yet still I am getting in touch with both garages about suitable timings and not the other way around. Why? What happened to customer service?

Ok will let you know what happens next week as Zygie is returning on Tuesday.  They did say fuel would be added but I wait to see!

A Welsh Weekend – minus The Boys!!

A Welsh Week-End   30 Oct – 2 Sept

Thursday 30 Oct  – BritStop  51.5577452,-2.6276478  The Plough Inn, Pilning 

Today saw Kaz and I, minus the Boys, trundle west in Zygie.  First thing this morning I dropped The Boys at Clearway Kennels where they were going on their mini holiday.  This is the first time we have gone away in Zygie without them and I think it will be rather different for us all.  They were no bother at all at the kennels and went off straight away with the handlers.

As usual we had a late start from the farm even though I had filled up with fresh water and checked things over the day before.  It is so easy loading up there without passing traffic bothering us and even if its wet and blowy we can still upload under cover.

Our first port of call was Tyntesfield a National Trust property near Wraxall.  Unfortunately when we got there it was too near to the house closing time for the day that we decided to leave it for another occasion.  We did though have a leisurely pot of tea and cake and a walk around part of the estate.  However our drive there was really very, very pretty going via Chew Valley passing Chew Valley and Blagdon lakes along the A368.

shop area of Tyntesfield

It did strange walking about without The Boys – but restful!  

Moving off from the carpark I wondered why The National Trust do not cater for MoHo owners with an allocated stop over site somewhere on their estates, I’m sure they could make a killing.

It was surprisingly not far to our overnight stop in Pilning so on the way, just off the motorway junction at Cribbs Causeway, we popped into Morrisons.  It made a change for us as we do not have such a store close to us.  I took the photo below of a painting hanging inside the store which reminded me of my time at Bristol University.

Concorde taking off from Filton

Finding the pub was easy and turning into the large carpark we spoilt for choice.  The next thing I saw was the Wadsworth pub sign which was delightfulI.  Unfortunately on checking in with the bar staff I noticed they did not have much of a range of W just 6X.  It also felt that it had seen better days but these days its great to find one open.

That night we dined in the bar area early and went back to Zygie and played cards.  Sometime later we were joined by another two vans who kept themselves to themselves.

Friday 31 Oct – Nicholaston Farm  51.5743123,-4.1355257,17 

The next morning we set off in bright sun.  Infact it stayed that way all the way over to The Gower and what a lovely easy drive until we got near the camp site and then it got interesting.

Shortly after we got set up A arrived in her new very orange campervan with a grin all over her face, she is so chuffed with it!

I don’t know where the time went but there was lots of chatting, tea drinking – all without The Boys 😦  Actually it was probably a good idea not having them as there seemed to be loads of dogs about, W and B would have had a field day.

In between the chatting and the tea drinking A, supervised by K, put up her newly delivered to the site drive-away awning!

After a bit of a laze around we set off for a walk to the pub.  Directions either not being fully understood or followed this took much longer than planned.  It was a circuitous route following the coastal path which we seemed to make twice as long!!!

The pub looked really promising but that was all, my Trip Advisor comments says it all.

Saturday 1 Nov  – Farm –  A’s Birthday

Today we were joined by F who had trained it from Bristol to Swansea and then cycled!

After a cuppa we all set off in The Orange to Rhossilli Bay for them all to try the surf out.  When we got there K was persuaded to try belly boarding.  I am totally adverse to cool sea water!

Sunday 2 Nov – home

After a shared breakfast under their new tent/canopy we went for a last beach walk below the camp site.

On our return we left the gals to do their thing for the rest of the w/e as they were staying for another night.  We would have liked to stay too, in fact we had had to pay for the three nights (thats a Welsh w/e for you) but K had to be back at work on the Monday.

Another glorious sunny day and we enjoyed the drive home testing the newly fitted radio and speakers, a much better reception and sound!  Just after the Newport turning we got passed by a lot of the Tour of Britain team cars exiting Wales for the next stage.

2018 Tour of Britain stage map

It is a real pleasure to drive Zygie, just setting the cruise control and watching the world flow by is so nice.  I set it to just under 60mph which slightly avoids interacting too much with the trucks.  Some though have theirs about the same so the catching up and passing always proves interesting (and fun for me?!)

We are both falling in love with Zygie again as it did feel she had been let down by Southdowns and Adams Moray in Portsmouth.  Shortly after we get back though she goes off again for rework – respraying of the rear panel, fingers crossed all goes well.



A North Devon Escape

A North Devon Escape   28 July – 1 August

Saturday 28 July  – CL  51.1572862,-4.0233411 West Seven Ash Farm

A few days away from the city is a welcome break for both of us.  Salisbury is a super place and living close to the city centre is nicely convenient, with everything on our door step.  At times though we crave for the open spaces giving a greater sense of freedom which is why I love to walk The Boys on Salisbury Plain whenever I can.

A break in our routine is exactly what we needed. We decided not to rush around to leave but accept time in slow mode so it was not until 11am that we left the farm in Zygie. I had walked the dogs, half filled Zygie’s tank with fresh spring water and Kaz had stored our clothes and food away.

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So – what’s been happening ? …. sadly not much !

Eventually an update !

This year so far has not seen us use Zygie much.  Problems with the repair garage, which incidentally have not been fully resolved, and some major family health issues ,which are still ongoing and will be for some time, has seen him mostly square wheeled inside at the farm. Even The Boys have not gone unscathed with Whiskey having a costly operation on his leg (thank goodness for Pet Plan) which meant numerous visits to the specialist vets, Southern Counties Vets in Ringwood. Continue reading

Great Customer Service – I think not!

Customer Service

So Tuesday 27th March came and I got the train to the garage in Portsmouth to pick up Zygie – all seemed ok to go – they said they had checked everything and it all worked. So come Thursday and thought I would put rear bed down, guess what, yes, not working. Thought I would just check out water boiler and heater, guess what not working!  Fully trained workshop oh yeh…..

Thats a whole holiday w/e away knackered………

Kaz in touch with the garage on Tuesday!

Pick up day at last!

Pick Up Day – Monday 22 Jan 2018

At long last today has arrived for Zygie to go off to the Southdowns Motorhome Centre in Portsmouth to have its rear end sorted.  As soon as we got to the farm I got Zygie out into the open for the first time in weeks.  Although the sun was shining the farm yard was really wet and muddy but The Boys and I trundled off for a walk.

The drivers, Chris and Levi, (Little and Large) arrived just as we got back.  Anticipating the wet day they had come prepared with paper mats for the foot well. 

With their trade plates fitted and with a final check inside they were off.


Lets hope normal travelling service will be resumed soon – probably in 4 weeks so watch this space!


Zygie Update

November – Zygie Update

Nearly 3 months have passed since I last added to our summer blog! Since our return I have managed to sort out the repairs to Zygie.  Well actually there has been lots of correspondence between Allianz (our insurers), the repair garage (Southdown Motorhome Centre, Portsmouth) and us.  After a visit to the garage who checked over the body of Zygie they then had to collate the parts required and the prices from Burstner Repair Centre in Germany.  This took over a month to complete and then sent off to the insurers who then had to send an assessor, another month!  He actually agreed to the £11,500 bill.  So we are now waiting for the garage to obtain the parts which will be another month or so.  They require Zygie for a month so it will be the New Year before we are all up and running again!!!!  So at the moment Zygie is quietly waiting at the farm and is on SORN.  I am in the mean time making and fitting various bits and pieces to the interior. repairs and .  What can I say but “Its a pain”…….

The Boys above helping to empty Zygie ready for the Off Day to the garage.


French Holiday 2017 – Week Four


Week 4   Monday 14 August – Monday 21 August

Monday – farm – Domaine de la Fuie – Vendeuvre du Poitou 86380  GPS : N46.71140 E0.28472

Today was rather a flat boring drive, although nicely sunny, following the D950 for most of the way.  We now know that Kaz had used up all our French allowed internet while working on school stuff.  Neither of us realised that she had been live streaming whilst working.  So nil wi-fi but thank you McDonald’s! who saved the day.  Having parked up next to a McD we were able to download (upload? 625MgB) my photos to the cloud and thus free up my phone to take more.

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