November – Zygie Update

Nearly 3 months have passed since I last added to our summer blog! Since our return I have managed to sort out the repairs to Zygie.  Well actually there has been lots of correspondence between Allianz (our insurers), the repair garage (Southdown Motorhome Centre, Portsmouth) and us.  After a visit to the garage who checked over the body of Zygie they then had to collate the parts required and the prices from Burstner Repair Centre in Germany.  This took over a month to complete and then sent off to the insurers who then had to send an assessor, another month!  He actually agreed to the £11,500 bill.  So we are now waiting for the garage to obtain the parts which will be another month or so.  They require Zygie for a month so it will be the New Year before we are all up and running again!!!!  So at the moment Zygie is quietly waiting at the farm and is on SORN.  I am in the mean time making and fitting various bits and pieces to the interior. repairs and .  What can I say but “Its a pain”…….

The Boys above helping to empty Zygie ready for the Off Day to the garage.