Just Us

Hello everyone … we are Tony and Kaz who both love travelling as much and as often as we can.

We met some years ago through our respective daughters (A and H) and have enjoyed life to the full since.  Initially we spent some time together running pubs in the South West and then I returned to teaching.  In 2014 I retired from that profession entirely after 20+ years.  My part time driving job though keeps me active and “out and about”, albeit locally. (see my other life at  On the Road Again)


T and K

Kaz, having spent many years in the finance industry, finished her degree and went into teaching. As an English teacher she spends a lot of her non teaching time marking and in lesson preparation. So having a motorhome to escape in is proving extremely enjoyable for us both.  When she too retires in the future our trips will be longer and farther a field.

Zygie is not our first MoHo we have owned .  During our time in business together we purchased a Mobilivetta EuroYacht 195L called Moby. Sadly work did not allow us to enjoy getting away as much as we would have liked in Moby the MoHo.

Roxie, below,  was purchased in 2015 after a long search for another motorhome.  It was a really great van and we had some super times away with her but not all the boxes were ticked.

Zygie is just the one for us now, buying her just before our first French adventure in July 2016.



4 thoughts on “Just Us”

  1. Keith Durham said:

    Hi Tony,

    Sorry it’s taken a few weeks to leave a comment.
    3 weeks back at work and i’ve still got the holiday Blues…hahaha

    It’s Keith from Newbury, we met on the bunker tour at Juno.
    I have been keeping an eye on your travel blog since i’ve returned from Normandy, interesting stuff. Enjoyed reading about your adventures.

    It was our 1st time to Normandy, what an interesting place. We saw so much, yet we only really scratched the surface, so no doubt we will return one day.
    The upside to us having an old convertible is every holiday is a great road trip, the downside is every year Catherine wants to go somewhere in the Med. The question I always ask is…..are we able to drive there ?…..hahaha
    Next year ? Maybe a Dutch roadtrip.

    Anyway, I will be sure to keep an eye on your blog, and no doubt our paths will cross again on the road.

    Best regards


    • Hello Keith

      It was great to meet you during the summer at the Canadian Museum. The German Bunker was certainly an interesting place.

      Thanks also for blog watching and yes maybe our paths will cross again. We will be off to France as soon as the summer holidays come round again.




  2. Hello Tony and Kaz,
    Thanks for liking my recent post.
    Obviously I have looked you up and am amazed at the number of connections we have. Many years ago I lived near Salisbury and know it well. Teaching runs in my family; daughter and father primary school teachers. Me? Although a nurse, I ended up lecturing doctors in my non-patient time! I also retired in 2014 and my van is called R0X1!
    I shall follow your blog with interest to see if any more connections appear.


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