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This blog is basically aimed at keeping our family and friends updated on our trips and adventures in Zygie our Burstner Motor Home with our two terriers Whisky and Brandy.  It will also be our travel diary to look back over in years to come.

 At the moment these are just weekends and short holidays but eventually will become longer trips as holiday time allows – and retirement.

Our strap line  – Bimbling along turning dreams into realtiesA bimble is a gentle meandering trip or amble with no particular haste, reason or intent but always with a friendly and harmless manner.  A walking bimble can be made a little bit more business like with a slight hunch of the shoulders. I remember my Reserve Army CO once telling me that it was important, as an officer, I should not walk about but instead bimble.  In this case perhaps an amble with a little bit more discipline! Or in true military acronym style (unofficial), Basic Infantry Manoeuvre But Lacking Effort.

3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi. This looks interesting and I hope I have worked it all out!


  2. I have worked it out! Whoops!


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