A Very Wet Week-end  12 Oct – 14 Oct

Friday 12 Oct – Sun 14 Oct – Postern Hill Campsite,

Savernake Forest 51.0716599,-1.8054178

As usual a later start and we did not get to this campsite until dusk.  It was only 18.30 but the entrance cabin was closed but the wardens had kindly left us a letter and a site map.

So with the light fading I did not drive around the site to get the feel but pulled onto the grassed area that had hook ups.  However on reversing back into what looked like an easy flat spot almost immediately started to spin.  I did not do much more as I did not want to get bogged into a hole or churn up the ground.  Under a dull sky but warm night I hooked up and took The Boys for a walk into the glade behind us. That night it did rain slightly but the next day we were greeted with the sun shine, which stayed out all day.


We spent a chilled day just pottering and in the afternoon went for a lovely walk with the Boys in the forest.  It is such a lovely spot and the trees were shedding their leaves making lovely patterns on the ground.  Unfortunately the walk coincided with cob nuts and conker trees all over the place, ok for us but the Boys did not enjoy walking over the prickly husks!  On the walk, along the boundary fence, we came across “The Cathdedral Oak” tree a huge oak tree which was very impressive and is classed as an historical landmark.

Later in the afternoon, once back at the van, we watched a couple arrive with a tear drop caravan arrive opposite us.  All I can say it was entertaining!  Then another small MoHo drove onto the site and stopped close to them.  Together they were going to make our route off the site tomorrow rather interesting to say the least.

That night it rained really hard a and being slightly under the trees we had even bigger drops of rain water fall us – never do that again!

A slightly restless night wondering what the ground conditions would be like, even K said she had been dreaming of getting off the grass.

At the MoHo show in Romsey a few weeks ago I had purchased some plastic mats to go under the Fiamma ramps as they do not have solid bases.  I remembered during the night that they can also be used to help in soggy or soft ground to aid driving.


I lowered the door blind and sure enough the ground was puddled in rain water and a gentle stream was making its way down the site from the road way.

So after an early cuppa and with my large English Heritage coat on, c/o H. I was out of the van and got to it.  Ok so the rain did drip down my neck but I had the mats under and was back inside as quick a I could.  Well I need not have worried as they worked a treat.  Must admit there was some slipping after I got going but I got the momentum on thanks to the mats in the first place.

I pulled onto the site road and stopped in a lay-by and went back to help Dave ( short term memory loss so hope that was the name!) in his van do the same.  They had to chose a different route off but still made it!  I hope they had better weather on their touring break down in North Devon.

We only stopped to have a bite to eat and then we were off to drive back home in the pouring rain.  Fortunately we can off load under cover at the farm so nothing was spoilt – but still took The Boys for a run around as they do not mind the weather, just me.