Warranty work – October 2016

When we purchased Zygie from Somerset Motorhome Centre we discussed body work and other bits that needed to be undertaken before the final handover four weeks hence.

It was therefore very disappointing to find that when we came to pick up Zygie, only two days before our departure to France, that this was work was not fully completed.  We could not delay our holiday so we decided that we would book him in for this to be done after we returned from France.

So on Friday 1st October The Boys and I drove down to the garage in Taunton.  I called in to the body shop/garage first to meet Martin to go through with him the work plus some other things that had come to light on our holiday – squealing brakes at low speed and water probes not fully working. I left Zygie with them on the Sunday and was due to return the following weekend. Between Friday and Sunday we stayed at Ashe Farm, the farm site which  was used for the original hand over but this time in another field.  This is slightly  further away from the entrance and much quieter as The Boys are not always keen on other four legged company.  It was originally planned that Kaz would join us on the Saturday too but in the end she was not able to do so and had to stay at home.

Well The Boys and I had plenty of bonding time with several walks around the adjacent fields, in between the rain showers.  We watched tv and generally slobbed about as only males can do well when left alone!

Sunday saw Kaz arrive early to pick us up for our return journey home leaving Zygie at the sales department, being assured that all work outlined would be done.

Zygie and Cruella

Well that was not to be the case and after several phone calls during the following few days a new finish date was agreed – they would need an extra week but they would deliver Zygie back toSalisbury and the farm direct.

Well was all the work done?   No! … story to be continued  …….

Damaged Millenco Ramps Damaged Millenco Ramps

The above photos shows the damaged ramps  which I noticed before we left Ashe Farm.  Zygie is not that heavy and driving on and off was not a problem, so what is the problem here?.  Perhaps either a bad moulding or poor design.  I have been in touch with Millenco about this bending of the plastic.

… another story to be continued ….