What’s in a name and transfers

Every vehicle that Kaz and I have owned have had names.  Some of the these have been based on the vehicles colour, shape or make and model. So our new MoHo was christened Zygie based on his registration plate.

Although K was not initially keen on the idea of having named transfers on the van we did look at various font options and styles just in case.  Eventually K was persuaded  and “Papyrus” was chosen.  It was left to me to get the job jobbed.  Working for the local Ford garage I had come into contact with a company called Signs in Motion who carry out all their vinyl bodywork.  I also wanted to have our blog details on the back which they were able to do in a colour and size that neatly matched the rear colour scheme. K and I are very pleased with the work – she did draw the line at putting his name on the front bonnet!

I will be applying a couple of gecko’s around the sides, creatures that K and I like, making us both smile.  We do have a couple of Le Tour ones on the side locker doors, a sport that I avidly follow every year.  There are also some on the entrance door window but these will be the last.

Le TourBlogged!