Us Boys and NO fireworks!

T, “The Boss”, was home early so Brandy and I guessed something was afoot (or apaw).  Usually this means he is off to the pub with his mate (Al) next door but not this time!  We had seen K pack some getaway bags in the morning but they had not moved from the bedroom floor  Well what was all that about.  T was like a whirlwind.  I watched him put some clothes into the same bag and take it down stairs.  He packed his “Man Bag” with his laptop and iPad and other bits and bobs.  He went off outside with all this then came back sat down and had a coffee, were we going somewhere or not?  B is more laid back at these moments and was just flaked out on the sofa, not bothered.

The clinking of dog leads gave it away!  Yep we were off.  So all kitted out we dragged him to Vicky, our Dog Van, hopefully off to the farm.  We both barked our approval when we pulled up at outside the barn for our embarkation into Zygie.  However before we left we had a quick run along the farm track and as usual Brandy went off chasing the pheasants.  Not sure whose the dumbest him or the birds. He thinks he can catch them and the birds don’t see him coming as he is so brown and low to the ground plus the sneaky so and so does not bark at them.


Us waiting for K to arrive.  We are wearing out little dog bags as were still wet and muddy from our run.

We both thought we were going to meet K leaving work but no back home we went!  We parked up close to our house as usual but then a knock on the door started me barking – it was K! Yeh we were getting away early from these pesky firework for a change.  It was only 5.30 on Friday night, not even Bonfire night, and some inconsiderate humans were already letting off bangers and rockets – why?

I kept on hearing T and K talking about a Black Dog.  Was another four legged thing going to join us?  Was another woofer going to share T and K with us? ….. we barked our disapproval while we travelled along.  30 minutes later we pulled into the carpark of the Black Dog pub so all was well.  This time we barked in approval.

After a while we were bedded down and they left us I guess to have meal and a few drinks. T had put a clever silver looking blanket thing over the front of Zygie to keep him and us warm inside – and it works.  We still don’t like being left and I did bark a bit to tell our Boss how much we were missing him.  After a while he came and collected us both.  When I say a while, we, like most dogs, cannot tell time so it could have been an hour, or two hours, or just 15 minutes since we had last seen him.

We told everyone in the pub we had arrived when we both started greeting another dog, loudly – but he started it first. It was a great place and there were lots of beery  smells about and tit bits on the floor just left for us two.

T n K kindly left the heater on in the van on low during the night so we all slept soundly.  A frosty morning run around in the pub garden was brill as the grass was longish and I did a lot of jumping up and down looking for little animals. Apparently I look like a Springbok  whatever that is.

We arrived at the CS just after 3pm as we had stopped off to do some shopping, well K did as T took guard over us. Brandy and I like these Certificated Sites as they are usually small places only allowing up to a maximum of 5 plots and with not many four legged beasts.

I barked a welcome at Suzanne, the lady who owns the site, who showed us where everything was and T reversed into a plot on an empty site.  A quick run around the edges of the site with Brandy and it was almost time for our tea!   T and K are getting much better at sorting the inside of the van now and there is hardly any funny language nowadays.  We all snuggled down to an evening in the warmth and watched some television.  Brandy quite likes the quality of this tv and often barks at it thinking that other dogs live inside it, stupid I know but there it is, they live behind the tv don’t they.

A very frosty morning greeted us and although the grass was nicely cut it was still very cold on our paws and we were both pleased to get back inside for breakfast.  K spent most of the Sunday doing school work. We tried hard to help by sitting on her books to keep them flat but that did not seem to impress her.  She told us to go elsewhere!  So T took us for a long walk down to the nearest village and back.  The three of us found a byway but left it to explore its route on our next visit.

Just before we left another van arrived similar to ours and parked next to us, a quick wave from T and K and barks from us two and we were off home.   It was only 4pm when we got back to the farm and it was already getting dark….. roll on  the long warm summer days.  Nowadays it does not take us long to pack and unpack as we have doubled up on most things, including our food box.  So after a short drive in Vicky we were all home once more….. its nice to go away but it’s so nice to be home with all its familiar smells.  I have heard talk that there could be more fireworks next weekend 12th November – why?  that chap Guy Fawkes only tried once!

T had fitted a mat that fits over the fold down step which stops our wet paws from slipping when we jump into the van. Thanks Boss.  Brandy can actually jump inside missing out the step altogether – show off!

Till next time –  Whisky