Vinyl day  – Salisbury 15th December 2016

I had planned to call into Signs in Motion on Tuesday but the weather was not too kind. So today (Thursday), was the next available likely looking one, according to BBC Weather for Salisbury!

As it proved correct I drove up to the farm to collect Zygie with The Boys.  Of course they had to have a quick morning runaround and Brandy actually got stuck into digging (of a sort) for the first time that I have ever seen.  Well actually he stuffed his nose into a hole and sniffed, snorted and growled a lot.  Whisky was totally unimpressed and plodded on along the track alone.

Back in Zygie with paws towelled and dry it was into Salisbury to sort out the ragged vinyl on the habitation door.

Now the replacement panel strip that had been delivered was the whole grey piece from which the door was taken!  Phil and I decided to cut this out in place rather than just trim a piece off the end.  I left him to it and spent some tidying up inside the van with The Boys.  He did tell me afterwards that the backing was made by 3M, which apparently is the dogs do dahs, but the vinyl itself was very thin and was easy to tear.

This time I remembered to take some photos which you can see.  As Phil had to take off the gecko transfer which was on the door I asked if they could provide another one.  They did and not just one. I now have twelve little geckos to place wherever, as and when!

While I was there I noticed that the front nearside tyre looked rather low compared to the others.  Oh no a potential slow puncture.  Not to worry, well I did a little bit, for Tyre Land was just around the corner on Churchfields Industrial Estate.  I know the chaps there in passing as Fords use them for all the geometry and tyre work.  Now Zygie is rather big compared to a car and he did stick out a little on their forecourt.  Anyway it transpired on checking that it was only the valve at fault and nothing more.  Relief – and at no charge! Thanks guys.

Of course throughout all these proceedings The Boys kept guard.

I have also had a replacement set of ramps sent to me from Milenco. Result. Hopefully these will not bend over in use this time.