Monday 1st August, Le mans to Chace, Maine-et-Loire (49)

Today we actually found ourselves, for part of the route West, on the Le Mans circuit. Plenty of Armco and loads of motor racing signs advertising fuel and oil funnelled our journey.  At a junction we were faced with turning into the Le Mans Museum or going West. Quick discussion at the lights and straight into the Museum carpark.  It has been on my bucket list to see Le Mans and this was a must not miss opportunity for me.  K thankfully chose to look after The Boys and do some school work.  Although a little bit like Beaulieu Car Museum in Hampshire. It was an interesting visit, especially getting up close to racing cars that I have only ever seen on Tv. No hindrance on photography either.

Shortly after restarting our journey K announced she thought it was time for her to have a go driving Zygie!  Changing places we were off again.  Without doubt she has no fear of driving Zygie and soon got the knack of driving a vehicle larger than her Mini.  Actually she told me after 30km or so that she found it quite hard to stay relaxed, but it did not show at all.  The only fright for us both was when a Buzzard lurched itself at the windscreen while passing through a forested area missing us by inches (cm)!

Tonight we stayed at a France Passion site for the first time.  These are friendly, free sites for camping cars in either vineyards, farms or places of artisan based people.  It is usual to purchase something when staying as is driving in and parking up following the signs. Being our first time I had forgotten this etiquette and went off looking for the owner!

However after we had sorted out our place for the night between the vines we later had our own personal wine tasting by Patricia, wife of the owner Patrick, in a nicely cooled cave.  We returned with our purchase cool wine smiling at each other, so much cheaper than in the Uk for better wine.  Later, as the sun was setting and an orange balloon sailed above us, we ate our anniversary steak and drank the vineyards bubbly, so quiet – bliss. The Boys just watched the chickens!