Tuesday 2nd August, Chuce to Sainte Crespin sur Moine, Maine et Loire (49)

The Boys chased the hares around the vineyard this morning while K packed up after breakfast.  We said our farewells to Patricia having spent a very pleasant evening and quiet night with the village bells sounding softly in the distant background.

We stopped off in Saumur leaving the The Boys in their new slightly smaller cave inside Zygie.  We walked up the steep winding narrow street to see the Chateau at the top. Looking across the wide open land beyond with the beautiful old town beneath the Chateau had been well chosen as an advantage point.

We descended later straight into a small restaurant – a beer was calling.  It is really fun to people watch in another country, their manner, their ways are very much different to ours and we smiled to ourselves while supping beers and eating Croque Monsieur’s.

Saumur is a nice place and had a warm appeal about it and we both felt as we left the carpark that we will return on another occasion.

Finally driving onto the land by a lake with vineyards all around we knew we had made another good choice with this evening France Passion site.  Gaetan, the owner, welcomed us both just as we got out.  Guess what – another wine tasting in 15 minutes times and yes we could bring The Boys too. A splendid couple of hours was spent chatting to our amiable host in a mixture of French and English at the end we came away with a free bottle and 3 cases of wine to collect in the morning. K won at Scrabble that night by one chuffing point!

The next morning saw The Boys watching the jumping fish in the lake while we ate our breakfast.