Friday 29th – Saturday 30th July, Chartres, Centre – Val de Loire (Eure-et-Loir)

During the the early hours of Friday morning I had a “What the heck is that?” moment.  Being a warm night we had naturally left all the skylights fully open.  Neither of us had bargained on any rain.  It was not the patter of rain water on the roof that woke make but my feet getting wet! Like a man posessed I dashed through the van closing them all down.  The Boys never moved and K merely said “Everything all right Darling” as she turned over to sleep again.  I spent the next few minutes trying to remember how many I had closed, in the end realising that Zygie has less than Roxie to manage.

Using the sites wifi zone for the last time to post a blog we set off for Chartres.

Leaving the exit and concentrating on the village traffic I did notice the state of the road.

“What the heck was that?” Both of us heard and felt the shuddering as the rear of Zygie’s chassis scooted across the exit bump and the dip in the road.  Now in the middle of the road with traffic either side we had to keep moving and so manged the exit noisily with everything in side shaking itself to bits.  Pulling up just outsde the village I stopped to look underneath, fearing the worst.  Apart from two big gouges in the rear chassis assembly eveything seemed to be where it should be and nothing had dropped off.

However the experience stayed with us. So when we heard a high pitch whine coming from the rear we really did think that something was seriously wrong.  It seemed to get worse then disappear only to return again in a higher pitch.  Still travelling, albeit a lot slower that before, we started to discuss the options.  Just as we got to the one about garage repairs a little French moped popped out from behind us. He only just managed the manouever, engine whining overtime, as only French mopeds can and attached himself to the Belgian artic in front. Smiles alround as the problem was resolved.  We spent the next few km watching his antics as he glued and unglued himself from the truck ahead before diving off to the side at great moped speed.

The green roof of Chartres Cathedral loomed on the horizon as K was in a heated  online discussion with o2 about her poor phone service.  I see a battle royal when we return to the Uk.

This ASCI site is only a short walk from the centre of Chartres, which suited us fine with the river flowing past on the far side to us.  Arriving about 4pm neither of us expected the site to be so busy and we wondered whether we had made a bad choice.  However we eventually slotted in between the trees where the sun was shining.  So chairs out and a glasses of wine and pastis in the afternoon sun.  Video for the night –  Women – a K chic flick special.

Saturday 30th July

After a lazy breakfast I did some blog writing and then we went to explore the river walks just outside the camp gates.  Although there was a security gate in the fence along one side this was only open when there were fishing competetions on.  We walked as far as we could before the city centre proper started with sports fields on one side and large apartment blocks and parks on the other.  We spent the rest of the day enjoying our sunny spot before K later thrashed me at scrabble.  We  went inside to the sound of the Cathedral bells ony to be awoken by distant fireworks! Thankfully they did not last too long as The Boys were becoming adgitated.

Sunday 31 July – Le Mans, Pay de la Loire, Sarthe

For us an early start but guess everyone else had the same idea for eveywhere was such a hive of activity with much coming and going.  We were away by 10 but decided The Boys needed a walk before the days journey.  Pulling into a large layby overlooking the Prairie, outside the camp we realised we could have wild camped there.  Sufficient drive in places for atleast 15 camping cars. A spot for the next time me thinks  We took advantage of an Intermarche just beyond the railway bridge on the Le Mans road.  There was also a large bakery adjacent too selling lovely looking bread and cakes.

The D roads in this part of France are amazingly straight and wide and it was an enjoyable two hour drive to Le Mans.  As we entered the Sarthe Departement the land became noticibly undulating and fun to drive.

The ASCI campsite, Camping Le Pont Romain is just outside Le Mans which we hope to look around tomorrow.  The facilities are brand new and each plot is flat with water and electric (16 amp).  There is a mixture again with chalets and glamping style tents, all these are mainly empty which make for a rather quiet site.

The beating sun has meant we opened the wine earlier – boy I do love holidays.

Still no luck with downloading my photos onto here so guess yo will just have to wait for them all.