Camping de la Bien Assise, Guines,  France – Monday 25th July

Ok best laid plans of mice and men!  My timings for our arrival at the Eurotunnel left us with time for a break at Fleet and at the terminal.  What I had not considered were the road works which meant we travelled at 50 mph or less for seemingly ages.  We did stop at Fleet, enjoying a large coffee c/o Starbucks and brill pastries c/o Waitrose, Salisbury – other supermarkets all them also!

Perhaps it was the chat we had with another MoHo traveller from Salisbury – South Africa that made our break a little longer.

Anyway we arrived at Folkestone some 10 minutes after the official closure but thanks to French Border Control everything was running late anyway. A slight his up when we parked up and we had not seen the sign saying “Boarding”.  Something to check first next time.

Boarding was easy but slightly scary for K and The Boys being their first time.  I gave K a new book to read which she got stuck into as well as the Brandy.  The Boys were fine but did bark at the odd noise and movement typical of a train.  K was quite surprised that we had left the terminal such was the smooth departure.

Daylight was soon flashing by the little square windows announcing our arrival “En France”. Exit was easy but the ‘drive on the right’ feeling penetrated my brain as it was some years since I had driven in Europe.

Although taking the incorrect turning, my fault and so soon, we did find (come across) our first overnight stop of the holidays.

Electric connected, kettle on, seats out, table up, dogs tied up (!) and we settled down to enjoy  a cup of tea and scone watching a lazy sun begin to settle.

Its now 10.30 and we are hunkered down reading me writing this up.  Of course a GnT is close to hand.  Must remember to take more photos before we leave.  The Boys have been walked around the sites field and are now curled up asleep.

Off to Arras and Thievpal War Memorial tomorrow.

Having some difficulties at the mo up loading photos so no doubt plenty of additions will be coming your way when I  get it sorted. For now I have internet connection so just wanted to get this out there.