Thursday 15th October 2015 – MOT Salisbury

Just a short drive in and out of Salisbury this morning for Roxie and I to Adams Moray ( ) This is the MOT station for HGV’s and is located on Churchfields Industrial Estate, just around the corner from where I work at Edwards Ford.  This was the first MOT for Roxie under our ownership so I was slightly nervous about it. It did seem odd just walking away from her wondering if she would pass.

Later that day I returned and was greeted by an MOT pass certificate for another year by and a hefty bill…. oh well.

Adams Moray was chosen not only because it was the closest but also I discovered when I went there to make the booking that they had a Fiat based service van so they would be very familiar with the engine workings etc.  As it happens it had a hose leak on the coolant system which they fixed easily. The previous owner had said he just kept topping up the liquid bottle as it always ran low!  Well its fixed now and no worries from there anymore or more importantly no marks left on the garage floor at the farm!  There was also three side running lights not working which they fitted.  Unfortunately these are sealed units and not just bulb replacements.  Again the previous owner knew this but did not replace them as it was costly and not required to pass the MOT.  He was correct on both accounts but Roxie has all lights working now and looks very bright and smart all around her skirt!

MOT for Roxie

MOT Station


Roxie at the MOT Station, waiting to go in.