Thursday 22 Oct 2015 – Vanbitz Taunton

We have never had a TV fitted in a van before let alone a satellite system on the roof.  Neither are we great watches of a tv when we are away preferring to listen to the radio.  However Roxie had both so we were both rather intrigued with it all.  On our first visit and on pickup day the tv appeared to be working fine. However being both very excited at our new purchase neither Kaz nor I took a great deal of interest in the quality or the workings of a tv, a tv is a tv isn’t it?


Our first trip away had shown that was not the case and we could not get it too tune in or whatever does properly which resulted in a bad feeling (pig in a poke).  So after some soul searching as to what to do best and finding the original bill we contacted Vanbitz ( ) for help.  They are a helpful lot and we had the solution albeit consisting of parting with money!

A visit to their Taunton base was on order for a refit.  The refit consisted of purchasing, fitting and tuning in a new tv. This was the new Avtex with built in terrestrial and satellite free view boxes as well as the ability to plug and play…CD, DVD, USB. Does it make the morning cuppa? Sadly no.

So although arriving before time it was about a hour later that they got started.  The boys came to but did not like hanging around or anyone just popping in and out of their home.  Tried to tell them that it would be soon ok but they were not having it and only settled down when we were on the move again. So with an all singing all dancing entertainment matching tucked safely away we made our way back and put Roxie to bed. I did try it out before putting it under cover and what a smashing picture.  Cannot wait now to try it all out on a site!