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Friday 25th Sept Ibsley in Roxie 2nd CL

Turned off the key at 18.30 in a quiet peaceful part of the New Forest for the weekend.

Furzehill Farm CL run by Richard Loader is a brilliant site, an ideal place to chill and recharge the batteries.  It had only been about a 30 minute drive, about 15 mile, from Salisbury on a sunny evening.  Kaz had finished work early and we packed up the van at home and then we were on our way.  We are both getting better at want we want and where it is to go, but that is the fun for us. One day maybe we will get it right.

With only two of the sights occupied our choice of where we were to go was fairly well decided for us.  I parked Roxie and got us sorted out with EHU.  I have tended to fill up with water at the farm as it comes straight from an underground spring and does taste rather nice.  Perhaps this does not always give the best MPG but hey ho, worth it, Yes!

The whole weekend was planned to be a lazy one and thats just what we got.  We took the boys for some long walks and sat in the sun and read or in my case some water colour painting.  I had intended to walk to the local pub at lunchtime but decided to sit in the sun and have a snooze whilst Kaz finished off her school work.  The site is south facing and it was lovely and warm.  As the other people on site tended to be away quite a bit the boys were able to have some free run time.  They did try and stair out the other dogs when they were there, which was rather funny to watch.

Sadly Sunday came all too soon and we had to leave but one more quick walk called us away from Roxie. This was up and around the site and we came across some poisonous mushrooms. There were some great views  and we all thoroughly enjoyed our time. On the way back we bought some of Richards home made tomato and chilly chutney, brilliantly smooth and rather hot.


The site is easy to get to off the main road (A338), it is slightly graded and you may need ramps depending which plots are left. There is EHU to each with a central water tap and black water disposal in one top corner.  The local narrow road runs down one side of the site but there is a large and thick hedge between. The other side looks over a large field bordered by apple tress.   All of the site is south facing and is dog friendly. There are no hard standings as yet but there is a solid route in and out.