21 – 23 August 2015   House Move  Droitwich Spa CL

Friday afternoon saw me drive Roxie up to Droitwich Spa with the boys on the seats beside me.  A quick stop on the way up for a dog break after about an hour.  Have decided that stopping after an hour or so beneficial for all, even though Roxie is such an easy vehicle to drive.

Following the directions from the Sat Nav we arrived were at the CL site Keybridge Farm.  This was very different from our first CL as it only had water and electrics but hard standings.  However the views were lovely with our pitch facing the Malvern Hills.

This weekend saw Kaz and I (and the boys) using this site as a base whilst helping Alex move into her new flat in Droitwich Spa.  Putting up shelves, constructing Ikea wall units and bed plus mirror fitting etc etc was the order of the weekend.

Saturday night spent at her local pub, nice food when we got it however the beer was even better.  Using Alex’s car as transport D2 stayed on site.

Leaving on Sunday we were resolved to return to this CL as it is open all year round and now that Kaz knows the route from Alex’s flat to the site!  It is an easy location for visiting Alex in the future.

On our way back we met up Keith and Angus, our good friends from Eastleigh.  This exercise showed that planning were to meet up with others who are not in a MoHo is one that requires some thought.  On our first attempt the pub carpark was full and rather small.  The second pub carpark had an entrance that was not possible to enter.  Finally we did make it to a pub on Portsdown Hill with vehicle parking facing the Solent, Portsmouth and the IOW.  We will user this place again even if the food was not that great.

Mileage start: 32097

Mileage end: 32440