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14 – 16 August 2015  Our first CL – Goffsland Farm, Horsham, West Sussex (1697)

Leaving home about 4pm we made good time even though it mainly drizzled all the way and the traffic was quite busy on the M27 with Friday night work commuters and other summer holiday makers.  Stopped off at Tesco’s Havant for fuel and a Costa coffee and chocolate to contain my withdrawal symptoms.

As we seemed to be driving on ether towards the end, I took the opportunity to fully fill up with diesel which at £1.08 per litre was an added bonus.  This will be the first time I have done this and will enable me to work out what Roxie’s MPG is.  Mind you it was  bit of a shock to see the £78 bill and litres inside (did think at one point that there must be a leak in the tank!, ) still 39 Tesco point banked!

It was still spitting with rain and overcast when we arrived at Goffsland Farm, Southwater, Horsham.  A warm welcome from the farm owner Mr. Liverton but the words “we have a slight problem” did send a shiver of disappointment.  It seemed that another booking had arrived some days before with friends and their van and plonked themselves unbeknown to Mr Liverton on the pitch allotted to us.  The site, which is slightly undulating is quite large but with plenty of space. We therefore just ‘plonked’ ourselves on a vacant area but it happened to be under a tree and sloped .  That evening I took the boys for a walk around the large adjacent field.  We all enjoyed and they were off lead hunting for most of the walk.  I did see several deer and a stag before they made a hasty exit into the woods and before the boys could give chase.  It was lovely to see the sun set.  Now we know why we bought a MoHo. During the night it rained even more and it was a little noisy.  Kaz said she did notice the slope only when she tried to turn over!

In the morning I moved Roxie onto the adjacent area which had been vacated.  Still not entirely flat but not under the trees, hopefully a quieter night should it rain.  Returning from the dog walk the puddle on the floor was the giveaway.  Now we know how important it is to make the MoHo as level as possible – water had spilt over the shower tray.

Over that weekend Kaz and I spent a lot of time just sitting and reading with a the odd glass of wine whilst the dogs laid in the sun.  It was such a quiet peaceful time with no interruptions from the phone or anyone knocking on the front door.  We walked the dogs around the field and was amazed by their appetite for searching in the undergrowth, far more country rather than city dogs.  The evening setting sun was a delight to see from our position on the site.

This site was just what we wanted and will return, all four of us.

Mileage start : 31929

Mileage end  : 32097

Fuel total fill up @ mileage: 31967