26 – 28 June 2015   Shakedown Longleat Safari Park CC

Running late due to work commitments we thought it best to ring the CC Longleat site to say that we would be there about 8pm.rang the site and said we would be rather late.  However it is an easy straight drive from Salisbury and we did arrive about 7.45pm so we were able to pick a site fairly easily.  I think next time parking up at the entrance and walking around to see whats available might be a good idea.  We later found out that the sun did not reach our side till late midday but we did have it till late evening – swings and roundabouts I suppose.

This weekend saw us both getting to grips with Roxie, where to put items or not, what could work and what should work.  Still not sure about the electrics as they are different to the style that we used to have. We also worked out what we did not have fitted and started to create a list of haves, must haves and of course their was the wish list.

This was the first time the boys had been away in Roxie and staying away overnight somewhere new.  The noise of overnight rain and the sound of the seals on the lake within Longleaf Safari Park gave us and them a rather sleepless night with some barking.  However we are beginning to work it out and am sure that on our future trips this will improve. A long lovely walk around and through the edges of the park was enjoyed by us and the boys.  Discovered that they are not great lovers of crossing water, albeit a small stream.  We have found that the tow bar does come in handy when linked to 20m lead for the boys.  They can move around Roxie quite easily, certainly the rear half and just inside the door.

This trip rekindled my knowledge of emptying the grey waste container ,emptying the cassette and closing down a MoHo for a trip.  We have found a drawer that seems to have an opening attitude to travelling!

Sunday came far too early for us as we were just beginning to fully relax.