June 16 2015   Pickup Day

Well at  last this day has arrived.  After several years checking out web sites for a motorhome and trying hard to fill our bank with the necessary readies we are ready to go.  It has been a long 6 weeks since we first saw the van on the Motorhome Depot web site followed  by a Saturday morning visit.

I met the broker, Karl, at Birmingham International Rail Station after a 3 hour train journey from Salisbury.  After a short drive we were at Bewdley.  Dave and Anne had been patiently waiting to go over the vans working with us.  So much to remember – good job we swopped email addresses!

After the paper work was complete I left a rather sad Dave for home. They had been the only owners having purchased it at the Birmingham International Caravan and Motorhome show some four years before.


Our new van soon to be named “Roxy

A steady drive back south into the sun.  Met Kaz at the farm and after transferring the dogs into the van went for a short drive around. It is a very easy and comfortable MH to drive and I know we are all going to have some great adventures in “Dreamin2”.