Week 2 Monday 31 July – Sunday 6 August

Monday – Duck Farm – Canards Gras du Cebron (79600) – Champeau – (GPS:N46.80319 W0.18513)

On our way to our nights stop we talked about how many ducks there might be, would it be noisy or smelly, what could we buy etc.  However when we got here it was a bit of an under statement as the place was out in the middle of no where and only a unit.  Parked up on the forecourt there were no ducks to look at or watch and just the road mender for company – they left at 4pm but were back at 7.30am!

Tuesday – Bison Farm –   Elevage Bisons du Poitou (86300)-    Valdivienne (GPS:N46.49236 E0.65487) 

Tuesday saw us travel along the River Vienne for quite a while getting lost in the local area – but it was sunny and warm so what the heck.

The Bison farm proved a nice place to stop over with a couple of decent walks for The Boys to enjoy sniffing the Bison air!.  Still we did enjoy the Bison steaks that we bought in the farm shop.  The only problem was the farm dog which would NOT go away and worried our two; he was after all huge – well to them.  The view of the power station at Civray was striking if not a little off-putting.


Wednesday – Aire – Montmorillon2 – Poitou 32 (GPS:N46°25.389′ E000°52.069′)

On our way down here we tried another farm (France Passion). We got all settled, and then they came  – flies, flies and more flies.  What attracted them to the area we do not know but we moved on and so pleased we did.

The aire at Montmorillion was great and just what we wanted having seen the back of all those flies.  The next morning we went back to Lussac and saw the house which we had arranged to view around.

White lining in France takes on a whole new meaning compared to the Uk.  The version we saw today involved a little three wheeled truck travelling down the middle of the road spraying the lines.  Men with waving flags warning the traffic either end of this mini convoy.  I missed a live photo opportunity but we did catch up with it parked up at lunchtime – well of course!

Moving down through the forests and following the River Vienne again we ended up at the Confolens aire.  The camp site literally next door though was more appealing and as it was the weekend we decided to stay there instead – a good choice.

Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday –

Aire – Confolens Poitou 44 (GPS: N46°01.104′ E000°40.519′) 

Campsite – Confolens – Camping des Ribieres  (GPS: N46°01.104′ E000°40.519′) 

Next to the site on the route into town there was going to be a music festival starting the following Wednesday for a week.  Thankfully we had missed all the noise made by the erection of the huge stadium but we were entertained to some music when a band arrived to practice the sound system.  At this point we knew that leaving on the Monday was going to be a good move.