Friday 5th May :  Sunday 6th May

It is Thursday 4th May, my day off, and I have just picked up Zygie from Haynes Garage outside Salisbury at Lopcombe Corner. This garage does a lot of work on small commercial vehicles and motorhomes so I felt she had been left in good hands.   They have fitted new front running lights, rear side mounted lights, upgraded the reversing lights and beefed up the pathetically weak horn. Pleased with what I saw I drove Zygie back to the farm to prepare for our trip away.

Friday night sees us in the carpark of The White Hart, Bishops Caundle, near Sherborne in Dorset.  The sun has been shining all the way and it has been a lovely easy drive.  These Brit Stops are proving very useful for us at the moment as arrival times don’t really matter much meaning we do not have to rush around. As the sun starts to set we head off into the pub for a meal with The Boys having had their walk guarding Zygie.

What a lovely welcome and fabulous meal, the beer was from the Otter Brewery and continues to do the company justice.  It was my favourite “Guest Ale” to get in when we had the pub in Somerset.

Although the wind blew a lot in the night we slept well and we were off early to the coast.  However what I did discover over breakfast was that we had run out of gas. When I changed over cylinders I realised that I had not topped them up since we had away last year – big school boy error!  Now finding Autogas in this country is not so easy as on the continent so after some backtracking we eventually found a garage outside Yeovil.  Good job we started the day early as we were slightly further away than when we started.

Now having a full cylinder on board we headed off to the coast and our site at Chideock near Bridport.  This being only a CL, which we like, it was quiet and with just basic amenities.

Over the w/e we walked the dogs down to and along the pebbly beach and generally chilled out being happy in our own company.