Thursday 14th – Friday 15th July, Taunton, Somerset


Well collection day dawned and we (myself and neighbour Al) left Salisbury to travel for the last time in Roxie to Somerset Motorhome Centre (SMC), Thornfalcon, Taunton.

We drove straight to SMC to meet up with Jon their sales guy.  After a quick chat we drove down to Ashe Farm, a nearby campsite where the physical transfer was to take place.

We drove onto the site and parked up next to our new van.  This was only the second occasion that I had seen it. Wow. I left Al there to look after The Boys while I returned to SMC to complete the paper work and for me to sort out a change in van insurance with Safe Guard.  

Jon, the SMC salesman, explained that they had found a couple of things that they were unable to complete for the PDI.  Disappointed but resolute that these would be fixed on the return from our holidays I signed on the dotted line.

 Zygie had a new owner!

Zygie parked next to Roxie at Ash Farm, near Taunton

Zygie parked next to Roxie at Ash Farm, near Taunton

While away Al had been very busy and had emptied the contents of Roxie‘s garage and this was splayed all about.  Time to see what I really needed and whether the rest would fit!  K has decided that she would sort out what goes where, when Zygie returns to the farm and do this over the w/e and the following week.

Although I really fancied a beer or two I thought it best to empty the inside of the van first ready for its collection.  I did not want the

Roxie part empty and Zygie part full

Roxie part empty and Zygie part full

technician hanging around. It was not long before he arrived to refit the Tv and tune in the satellite.  However it seemed that it would not work!  Been here before I thought which had meant a revisit to Vanbitz.  No problem he said, a drive back up to the garage in the morning would fix it as he thought it was just the location of the van being unable to locate the satellite.

Roxie leaving ....

Roxie leaving ….

It was very odd and sad to see Roxie driven away without me in it. Very, very odd.  However I had a job to do – packing the contents of Roxie into Zygie. Ignoring  the thoughts of sitting in the sun drinking with Al and The Boys I spent the next hour or so repacking. Thirst drove me on and eventually it was done. Beer time!

There was also two other SMC changeover’s taking place on the site at the same time as us. We all chatted together discussing excitedly what we had bought and about our future adventures, obviously over a glass or two. Forgive me but I have forgotten your names now but if you reading this please get in touch.

Well later that evening after eating gala pie and salad, Al and I watched a video before bed. Al slept in the rear double bed and I chose the front drop down one. Well I have never slept in a MoHo drop down bed before and I was quite surprised as to how comfortable it and the mattress was.  It was not claustrophobic at all and I never felt I was going to fall out either.


We had decided to eat breakfast on the way home so after a slow start I drove the van back to the garage to sort out the Tv and satellite.  This was the first time I had driven Zygie and it was as I hoped it would be. I know it is basically the same cab but my eyes were everywhere taking in everything. Just as I was driving up the hill I sadly noticed a chip in the windscreen!…. something else to get sorted!  They could not fix the satellite there so we had to drive to their repair outlet only 15 minutes away.  I had wanted to be going home so this was another frustration.  However Paul (SMC) arranged with National Windscreens to get it repaired at the farm.  Eventually we were heading home having seen the Tv work, trailing wires reaffixed to the roof and with Zygie filled to the brim (and over) with diesel.

After an easy drive back trying out the cruise control, listening to new rattles and getting stuck in the usual Friday A303 traffic I put Zygie to bed at the farm, under cover probably for the first time ever.

We are now getting her ready for our long awaited trip to France at the end of the month.  I will be publishing more photos of Zygie in my next post.

Ashe Farm

Ashe Farm (a working farm) proved to be a splendid site and certainly one that is suitable for a w/e away for us being only 90 minutes from home.  It is a naturally formed long, large site divided into two each served by very clean toilet/shower blocks.  The entrance is barrier controlled with a slight incline at its stop.  I do not have any further details as SMC made the booking.  I did however meet Sarah, the owner, who explained that there where two pubs within walking distance (by roads) and lots of local walks for dogs.  It is worth checking this one out.