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Friday 13 Nov w/e Droitwich Spa

This was just another short week end trip to see our daughter, Alex, living in Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire. We stayed at the CL that we have used before which is only a short drive into the town of Droitwich.

Friday 13th

However before the journey proper I drove Roxie over to Webbs Motorcaravans, Warminster ( http://webbsmotorcaravans.co.uk ) for 2pm to have new door lock fitted.  It seems a common thing for these door locks to break and the lock ends up just turning around.  After a few weeks a positive call from Webbs to say that the lock had been delivered from Adria.  This seems to be not uncommon for Adria whose spare parts deliveries are not quick in execution.  However the fitting only took 30 minutes or so.  I was delighted by the service that Webbs now offer and would not hesitate to contact them again.  The boys were extremely bored waiting even with a walk around the carpark but we did only need to stay for an hour to have it fitted.  It seemed that this was not for the first time either according to the fitter!

Muddy front near side

Muddy front near side

We then went over to pick up Kaz from her school at 5pm in the dark and rain.  Our arrival at the CL tested my reversing skills. The reversing lights are not that powerful and do not give off very much light to see especially when it is very dark and pelting with rain.  This will be something to solve in the near future, perhaps a pair of extra lamps fitted to the rear bumper bar. Well eventually progress was made and I managed to get Roxie in to place, spinning front wheels and loads of mud up the near side.  The next day I flattened the earth into place.

That night our daughter, Alex, brought some fish and chips over and we had a great chance to catch up on her new job, flat and life generally.  That night, after she had left, the rain came down again and the wind howled quite a bit.  It is a fairly open site and Roxie rocked slightly but we still slept well, including the boys.

Saturday 14th

After breakfast Alex called in and we all took the boys for a long walk around the fields.  We all enjoyed it and I can see there are plenty more to find – including one to

a local pub next time.  Alex took us in her car go back to her flat.   I managed to see the Grand Prix on the tv and even a doze.  It is quite hard for the boys as they do not recognise any of the noises in a small block of town flats.  Anyway that night we had meal at her local and of course a few bevies.

Sunday 15th

This morning we drove Roxie back into Droitwich and parked up in the carpark belonging to the local dentist.  Empty on a Sunday.  Wondered what the scraping sound was when I drove in and discover Roxie had grooved the way in with the tow bay assembly.  This had made me more aware for such thing in the future.  Of course it happened again on the way out which gave Kaz a bit of a shock and I had forgotten to tell her!

We had a tour of Droitwich Spa and a walk along the canal.  Such a nice place with some interesting buildings. I can see why she likes living here.

We left about 3pm and made our way home with dusk falling.  This gave me the opportunity to use Roxie’s cruise control, such fun to play with.

Start Mileage 33078 – Finish Mileage 33233


This CL is ideal for us and this time we discovered some really good dog walks from the site.  It has EHU and water to each plot all of  which has gravel hard standing ( although narrow ).  Blocks are required.  Black waste and bins at gated entrance. Can be a wind blown location at times as it is rather open, great views of the hills in the distance though.  Pay at the farm down the road.